Posted by: bobnoe | May 4, 2012

Columbia Evening MS Support Group

Columbia has three support groups and ours meets the forth Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. There is another group that meets in the day time for folks have time available during the day.

We meet at Christ the King Lutheran Church on 7239 Patterson Road in Columbia. Patterson is off Garners Ferry Road or the Sumter Highway. We are located about a half a mile behind the Walmart. It is a great location and has easy access for handicapped folks along with handicapped access bathrooms!

Our group is a comfortable place for sharing information about new treatments, drugs, side effects and how we are feeling overall. This is a safe place we can share with confidentiality about how we are doing and how we can better live and work in our surroundings. It has been said many times that one can learn more about their treatments, drugs, medical interactions and side effects more from a group than any doctor or nurse. I believe this!

We try to have themes for each meeting and often have guest speaker talking about all the things that affect our lives. We have had physical therapists, psychologists, physicians, financial help, policemen, technology assistance specialists and others come talk to us. This group is especially helpful for he newly diagnosed, but many folks who have been diagnosed for years come. The ages of participants are from the early 20s to the 60s with both men and women coming. 

We welcome any persons with MS, their family members and caregivers.

I am Bob Noe, the group leader and can be reached at 803-447-2310  my cell

Sandy Van Hout is the co leader.


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